Look back at 2012

We started 2012 with the idea of stepping it up from last year. We joined the Project 52 Pro group, which took us a little deeper into the realm of photography than the standard Project 52 from 2011. This time around, we were taught more about how to market and get our name out as a solid commercial photography business by learning the power of email blasts, cold calling, and insider tips on starting your own photography business with the intention of expanding from the local level to regional and beyond.  Our group has become closer during our weekly meetings, networking and learning from one another. Anyone looking to learn about the commercial side of photography and about technique and lighting should really consider being a part of this;  you can check out Lighting Essentials -also taught by Don Gianatti.

Next up was the opportunity to produce some great photography for Hot Tub Limo, through promotional pieces as well as pieces for their debut album, ‘Champagne in Prison’. This not only included shooting photos but also getting back into video production;  a promotional video was recorded, as well as a piece for the track “New Leaf” off of the new album.  You can check it out below as well as a few photos from a few of the recording sessions.

Another big thing this year was for the business was collaborating with local photographers and getting the opportunity to work with a few close friends/photographers in the area on sets. My most favorite projects to work on were group and conceptual photos and we had the opportunity to do a few, some as paid gigs, others just for our portfolio. One such conceptual shot was for the web series Milgram and the Fastwalkers;  we got the chance to shoot a photo of their promo for the upcoming second season. You can check it out here on YouTube.

Next was the amazing trip to Bermuda with my beautiful girlfriend and her family where I had the opportunity to play around with travel photography. Bermuda is definitely a place to capture some eye-catching images. The colors, architecture and the tropical scenery as well as the beaches and water made BDA one of my favorite vacation spots now!

Shortly after our return, I was accepted to start shooting shows for Rams Head Live in Baltimore. This was such an amazing opportunity for me: I’m a huge music fan, and this opportunity gives me the chance to see and hear new bands. I was able to shoot some incredible bands such as Civil Twilight, Everclear, Eve 6, Awolnation, and Eric Hutchinson, just to name a few.

Another side of my life that most don’t know is that not only have I been dedicated and busting my ass at commercial photography, I have also gained a load of knowledge as a web developer this year. In just this past year I have pushed myself and gained more knowledge than the previous two years of learning!! Just a side note 🙂

This next year my personal goals are to beef up the portfolio, to be more aggressive on the marketing and to get our work published into some local and/or regional magazines. I also plan on getting back in the video production arena with a documentary and possibly some shorts. We’re both so excited for what 2013 will bring!


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