America…July 4th Street Photography


I was able to get out for a bit after a shoot on July 4th and shoot some fireworks. Although, when I looked for a place to set up two things occured to me. First, I couldn’t find “that spot” I wanted to take the EPIC shot from. Two, I noticed that it was more interesting to me the people that were out and their reactions to the fireworks. Or better yet, the observance of how people watched and took their own fireworks photos. As I looked around the sea of people watching the show of explosions, I saw a similar trend. Almost every person in the crowd had their hand or hands in the air with devices, taking photos. At this point, I figured it would be more fun to shoot the people and not so much the fireworks. I mean, I think there were only a billion or so images captured of fireworks just in the area I was in on the fourth. So here are my observations of the fireworks show…










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