Artscape + Street Photography

gonzo DSC_9571 CowboyHat CoupleArch CarArtPhotos CapManSign CapManCaps02 CapManCaps CapedMan Booze4Daddy BeautifulBeard Balloons
I had that bug to get out recently to shoot some street photography. I love to get out and see different people and with street photography I love that you can capture that in a moment forever. So this past weekend with the Baltimore Artscape going on, which is the largest FREE artshow in the US. I felt it was perfect for this. The art, music and people were all amazing to create photos of. I have been meaning to make this a regular thing, and with Zack Arias’ new course out on Kelby, I had to play! If you are into Street Photography, check it out here!

Hope you enjoyed this post and photos. Thanks for stopping through.

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