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Polaroid Landcamera

I have been shooting porfessionally for almost five years now. In that time I’ve been focusing on digital and lighting techniques. Early on I had studied photography for a few years while in college. Back when it was film, no DSLRs. I had a blast learning how to configure my settings on the camera, then the anticipation of how they turn out as I rush off to the dark room. I shot on 35mm and also on medium format during that time. Most of my shooting was in black and white because I have love for it and also because my accessibility to a dark room was only for developing black and white film.

Polaroid of my oldest daughter

Over the past year or so, I’ve started to pick up my 35mm camera again working again with black and white and now knowing my skill with setting the camera and not wasting film is also reassuring since film isn’t cheap.

Polaroid of my girlfriend Kristin

So a couple of months ago I added a new camera to my collection and this has really been a ton of fun to shoot with. I picked up an old Polaroid Land Camera. It has been converted to using a AA battery. I have found that film can be purchased online, mainly finding Amazon a good place. My favorite to shoot with is the 669 or 667 film from Polaroid, but it’s hard to find film that is not expired. You can also shoot with FujiFilms version of Polaroid film, which I have done and it works great. The reason I like 669 and 667 film so much is the film transfer you can do. This is where you shoot your image, peel the film apart and stick the solvent to a sheet of paper, wood, any other surface and it will develop on there. I haven’t mastered this art form just yet but when I do I’ll have a post about it.

Polaroid of Dick Clow

One thing I love the polaroid for is shooting some take aways from shoots I’m on. I have started a journal sketchbook for pasting my polaroids in and make notes on the shoot and such, this process was inspired by studying Frank Ockenfels while in one of the 8 Week Portrait Workshops with Don Gianotti. Check out Franks journals, those are truly inspiring works of art alone.

Polaroid of my girls parents

Another thing I love this polaroid for is portraits of people. Friends, family, strangers. It always starts a great conversation. Whether it’s someone that remembers when these came out and they had one, or someone that has never seen one and is amazed at how this make a photograph.

A few weeks back I was on a trip back up to Maryland and decided to use this for portraits of people I was around during the few days. Again some were excited to see one in use again, and a few were not sure what this contraption was. The photos sprinkled throughout this post are from that adventure in making portraits.

I definitely see this being in my camera bag for a while.

I hope you liked this post. If you have any comments or stories you would like to share please feel free to do so down below. Keep a look out for future posts about my Landcamera. Thanks for stopping by!

Interview with mentor/instructor Donald Giannatti

Had a little recorded interview with Don Giannatti of Lighting Essentials. We talked about me moving from amateur photographer to getting more gigs and breaking into full time photography. It was great to share my path so far and things I’m working to do to keep and gain new clients.

I never really felt that I had a style, until I had someone come to me a year ago and say “I really love your work…you have this really dark, sort of comic book feel.Tucker Joenz

Behind The Scenes and Processing of Hot Tub Limo Bar Scene

Here is what I started with, the actual photo taken at the bar with the  guys from Hot Tub Limo.


And here is the final after the processing was done and splashes/drinks were shot.

Hot Tub Limo Bar Scene

I wanted to show a little of how I made this photo and the processing techniques I used. This is a really rough look at the way I tackled this. I plan on doing more in the future but it’s a start. Some of the techniques are picked up from Phlearn tutorials as well as some CreativeLive workshops and ALWAYS just experimenting with what looks cool to me. So nothing is set in stone but I have had people message me about how I went about this. It was definitely fun, throwing around drinks and glasses in the studio 😉 There will be more to come but here is a look at what I did!!

HTL Bar Scene Behind the Scenes from Tucker Joenz on Vimeo.