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Interview with mentor/instructor Donald Giannatti

Had a little recorded interview with Don Giannatti of Lighting Essentials. We talked about me moving from amateur photographer to getting more gigs and breaking into full time photography. It was great to share my path so far and things I’m working to do to keep and gain new clients.

I never really felt that I had a style, until I had someone come to me a year ago and say “I really love your work…you have this really dark, sort of comic book feel.Tucker Joenz

My first installment to “Supernatural”

I came about this idea of a super hero – meets normal people with powers. I know the idea has been in comics and also TV Shows like Heroes… you know, “Save the cheerleader, save the world.” Yea well, anyway I wanted to do two things in the project. One is satisfy my comic nerd side and two to work more on compositing. 

Here in “Fireball” I had my good friend Kyle model for me. The idea is he brings me/you to a secluded place to show this new power he has discovered that he has. I didn’t want to make him look as if he is good at producing this fireball yet. That he is still mastering his craft and technique. Also that it’s still under wraps. 

I am including a few resources here that helped me with this image. I used my favorite site for photoshop tips, Phlearn, for the fireball. I could have shot the fire on my own too but I didn’t have the time. See this image came to me fast and I used it for my final image for Project 52 Pro as well as a intro to my personal project. So the fireball came from Phlearn’s The Outlaws tutorial. Then I shot Kyle with a speedlight inside his hands on a stand to give the light and glow that the fireball would. I then moved the stand out of the way, with Kyle standing perfectly still and shot it again. This would allow me to easily clone out the stand later in Photoshop. Then back in the lab, I used Photoshop, Nik Software and my personal touches to create the look and style I put on my images to give you this final image you see above. 

Thanks for reading and come back to see more as I add to “Supernatural”.