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Saint Augustine turns 450!

I am so happy to be a part of a beautiful little city, the oldest city in the US. We had almost a week of festivities throughout the downtown area. Historical reinactments, music on multiple stages with a main stage highlighting some major acts, cake cutting, and even had the King and Queen of Spain in town to visit! I ran around capturing as much as I could getting images of the people having a blast, the entertainment and anything else that symbolized the anniversary of Saint Augustine. Not only is this a great place to live, with so much history, great beaches, but also some amazingly talented people and inspiring people at that. Here are some of the images I have from my strolling around during the celebration.

The top image I’m looking to make prints so if anyone is interested, let me know! I may add it to the online store coming soon.

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Interview with mentor/instructor Donald Giannatti

Had a little recorded interview with Don Giannatti of Lighting Essentials. We talked about me moving from amateur photographer to getting more gigs and breaking into full time photography. It was great to share my path so far and things I’m working to do to keep and gain new clients.

I never really felt that I had a style, until I had someone come to me a year ago and say “I really love your work…you have this really dark, sort of comic book feel.Tucker Joenz

Behind The Scenes and Processing of Hot Tub Limo Bar Scene

Here is what I started with, the actual photo taken at the bar with the  guys from Hot Tub Limo.


And here is the final after the processing was done and splashes/drinks were shot.

Hot Tub Limo Bar Scene

I wanted to show a little of how I made this photo and the processing techniques I used. This is a really rough look at the way I tackled this. I plan on doing more in the future but it’s a start. Some of the techniques are picked up from Phlearn tutorials as well as some CreativeLive workshops and ALWAYS just experimenting with what looks cool to me. So nothing is set in stone but I have had people message me about how I went about this. It was definitely fun, throwing around drinks and glasses in the studio 😉 There will be more to come but here is a look at what I did!!

HTL Bar Scene Behind the Scenes from Tucker Joenz on Vimeo.

3rd Annual Clean Water Music Fest 2013

I was honored to be a part of and volunteer for the Clean Water Music Fest this year here in Ponte Vedra at the Ponte Vedra Concert Hall. There were a ton of amazing people and artist/musicians that gathered together for a great cause, and that was to support and help raise money and awareness on getting clean water to the people around the world that don’t have access or means to have clean drinking water. Flagship Romance, Jordyn Jackson and Shawn Fisher, single handedly put this event together and with the support raised over 25K for this amazing charity. Please go check out their page and you can see more info on everything about this event and ways to spread the word and help out. Also check out Charity Water there is more information there about helping to get clean water to people in need.

Here are some photos from yesterday that kind of highlight just a portion of this event.

Clean Water Music Fest-1 Clean Water Music Fest-6 Clean Water Music Fest-8 Clean Water Music Fest-11 Clean Water Music Fest-16 Clean Water Music Fest-20 Clean Water Music Fest-23 Clean Water Music Fest-28 Clean Water Music Fest-32 Clean Water Music Fest-34 Clean Water Music Fest-36 Clean Water Music Fest-38 Clean Water Music Fest-40 Clean Water Music Fest-43 Clean Water Music Fest-45 Clean Water Music Fest-51 Clean Water Music Fest-62 Clean Water Music Fest-64 Clean Water Music Fest-65 Clean Water Music Fest-71 Clean Water Music Fest-79 Clean Water Music Fest-80 Clean Water Music Fest-83 Clean Water Music Fest-95 Clean Water Music Fest-107 Clean Water Music Fest-120 Clean Water Music Fest-121 Clean Water Music Fest-127 Clean Water Music Fest-132 Clean Water Music Fest-136 Clean Water Music Fest-157 Clean Water Music Fest-160 Clean Water Music Fest-164 Clean Water Music Fest-168 Clean Water Music Fest-171

90forum with Sunspots


I was honored to be able to work with local radio talent, Tank, of 102.9FM on a project he’s working on. This is a podcast highlighting local musicians. As you may know I’m a huge music junkie so this is great to meet and hear some amazing new bands in the area. This week it was with Sunspots out of JAX. These four guys jammed out and had a really cool vibe. You can listen to the podcast here.









My first installment to “Supernatural”

I came about this idea of a super hero – meets normal people with powers. I know the idea has been in comics and also TV Shows like Heroes… you know, “Save the cheerleader, save the world.” Yea well, anyway I wanted to do two things in the project. One is satisfy my comic nerd side and two to work more on compositing. 

Here in “Fireball” I had my good friend Kyle model for me. The idea is he brings me/you to a secluded place to show this new power he has discovered that he has. I didn’t want to make him look as if he is good at producing this fireball yet. That he is still mastering his craft and technique. Also that it’s still under wraps. 

I am including a few resources here that helped me with this image. I used my favorite site for photoshop tips, Phlearn, for the fireball. I could have shot the fire on my own too but I didn’t have the time. See this image came to me fast and I used it for my final image for Project 52 Pro as well as a intro to my personal project. So the fireball came from Phlearn’s The Outlaws tutorial. Then I shot Kyle with a speedlight inside his hands on a stand to give the light and glow that the fireball would. I then moved the stand out of the way, with Kyle standing perfectly still and shot it again. This would allow me to easily clone out the stand later in Photoshop. Then back in the lab, I used Photoshop, Nik Software and my personal touches to create the look and style I put on my images to give you this final image you see above. 

Thanks for reading and come back to see more as I add to “Supernatural”.

“Cook” Project

This is a photo for Project 52 Pro to portray a “Cook”. My take was to imply a Breaking Bad feel and not the Kitchen Cook that one would think. Thanks for checking it out!