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Behind The Scenes and Processing of Hot Tub Limo Bar Scene

Here is what I started with, the actual photo taken at the bar with the  guys from Hot Tub Limo.


And here is the final after the processing was done and splashes/drinks were shot.

Hot Tub Limo Bar Scene

I wanted to show a little of how I made this photo and the processing techniques I used. This is a really rough look at the way I tackled this. I plan on doing more in the future but it’s a start. Some of the techniques are picked up from Phlearn tutorials as well as some CreativeLive workshops and ALWAYS just experimenting with what looks cool to me. So nothing is set in stone but I have had people message me about how I went about this. It was definitely fun, throwing around drinks and glasses in the studio 😉 There will be more to come but here is a look at what I did!!

HTL Bar Scene Behind the Scenes from Tucker Joenz on Vimeo.

Fun with Food!

Here are a few photos of some food shots I have taken in the past week for personal and the fish is for Project 52 Pro 🙂 It’s fun to shoot something different sometimes…I shoot a ton of music as you know and little things like this in the kitchen is fun to get creative with as well. Hope you like! I will be starting on BTS (Behind The Scenes) videos and photos to show what I do to set up for these shoots next.