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Architecture = Passion

I absolutely LOVE architecture. So many things about it. The designs, the craftsmanship. At one point in my life I was on a track to become an architect. These days I find that shooting architecture is a lot of fun. I can see and admire the work, wether it’s remodeled or if it’s something new. Here in St Augustine there is a great deal of history, some of these houses I know tell very interesting stories. I was asked to shoot recently for Saint Augustine Realty. This house is amazing, a real piece of art. It’s been a little while since I shot architecture and this project really sparked the interest again. I tapped into some of Mike Kelley’s tutorials and found some new interesting techniques. I plan on shooting more in the near future, that is for sure.

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Oh, and if you are looking for a new home…this one is on the market! 🙂

Something Different

Tom Richardson - Realtor

“Because he wanted something different. Something a little more edgy.”

Tom Richardson - Realtor

We were asked to shoot for a local Annapolis realtor, and what I was excited about, was the fact that he told me he wanted to go with us because he wanted something different. Something a little more edgy. This is not something you typically hear from someone looking for realtor head shots. This got my attention. Now don’t get me wrong, I would have shot the same old photos in front of a house or with a couple staging the new home buy BUT this was fun.

If you like what you see and want to book a shoot, please feel free to contact us!


Tucker Joenz

Joe Comfort Ferr Queenstown Mayor

Mayor Joe
As Joe says

“Bring the beards back to government!”

This is a shot I did for fun…as well as something to play with my magnificent Alien Bees. I got Joe out in the middle of Queenstown, Maryland to shoot a “Faux Realtor” shoot. Knowing that it’s something for his unknowing campaign to run for Mayor. Now we just need supporters. Who wants to back him?? If so go check out Hot Tub Limo Band and let him know, he’s the one sitting in the back beating on drums. Thanks Joe for being a good sport!