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Saint Augustine turns 450!

I am so happy to be a part of a beautiful little city, the oldest city in the US. We had almost a week of festivities throughout the downtown area. Historical reinactments, music on multiple stages with a main stage highlighting some major acts, cake cutting, and even had the King and Queen of Spain in town to visit! I ran around capturing as much as I could getting images of the people having a blast, the entertainment and anything else that symbolized the anniversary of Saint Augustine. Not only is this a great place to live, with so much history, great beaches, but also some amazingly talented people and inspiring people at that. Here are some of the images I have from my strolling around during the celebration.

The top image I’m looking to make prints so if anyone is interested, let me know! I may add it to the online store coming soon.

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St Augustine Alligator Farm

I took my kids over to the Alligator Farm here in St. Augustine and we had a blast. I’ve lived here in St Augustine for almost two years, and hadn’t had the chance to see this place. When you get inside, it’s hard to believe how massive it is. Passing by the outside you would never have guessed. It is definitely become one of my favorite attractions here in St Augustine. Go check it out if you come through this way. Here are some photos from the day.

Interview with mentor/instructor Donald Giannatti

Had a little recorded interview with Don Giannatti of Lighting Essentials. We talked about me moving from amateur photographer to getting more gigs and breaking into full time photography. It was great to share my path so far and things I’m working to do to keep and gain new clients.

I never really felt that I had a style, until I had someone come to me a year ago and say “I really love your work…you have this really dark, sort of comic book feel.Tucker Joenz

Silent Hill

Took a day trip about a month or so ago. We decided to go up to Centralia, PA to check out the ghost town for ourselves. Centralia was abandoned in haste in the mid 1960′s when an uncontrollable fire started burning within the mines beneath it . The place cast an erie feeling. There are about 15 locals I believe still living there. Most streets are empty… no houses, stores, people, cars…nothing. The streets are still there and some you can travel on, yet most are not safe for cars because of the possibility of the ground opening up and swallowing you.  Like literally, it’s happened to a few residents. It’s also creepy knowing that the concept of Silent Hill was created based off this town. Like traveling through uninhabited country, to arrive at an abandoned town that looks like life just stopped there suddenly and unexpectedly. Crazy. Well here are a few photos from that trip. Leave comments below!! Thanks for stopping through! 🙂
Mound blocking old highway Centralia PA Centralia PA Police Station Centralia PA Police Station Deserted Streets Centralia PA Jeep on deserted street Centralia PA Weird Pipe Centralia PA Climbing the hill, Centralia, PA ATV Riders Centralia, PA Locals on ATVs in Centralia, PA Graffiti on road in Centralia, PA Forrest looking into crack Cracked Highway Centralia, PA