D800e Rental for Highly Anticipated Polar Bear Plunge Shoot with Hot Tub Limo

So…I went and de-virginized myself with BorrowLenses.com with renting the ever popular Nikon D800e. I needed a third video rig for this weekends shoot for Hot Tub Limo, two cameras being D7K’s. So tonight I felt it was much needed time to play to learn settings. I had the chance to shoot with a friends D800 last weekend at a show, needless to say I did NOT want to give it back. I was more then happy to let her keep the D7K and I’d walk home with a new D800 🙂 That didn’t happen, so back to the D7K I was. I do love my 7K, but I am in much need of a professional body for many reasons. One being ISO range, and the second is for the ability to have TWO video DSLR’s around for shoots. We will see how this D800e pans out this weekend, and might be the next addition to the camera bag soon enough. Here are a few of the photos I took tonight playing with this gorgeous piece of equipment 🙂

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