Silent Hill

Took a day trip about a month or so ago. We decided to go up to Centralia, PA to check out the ghost town for ourselves. Centralia was abandoned in haste in the mid 1960′s when an uncontrollable fire started burning within the mines beneath it . The place cast an erie feeling. There are about 15 locals I believe still living there. Most streets are empty… no houses, stores, people, cars…nothing. The streets are still there and some you can travel on, yet most are not safe for cars because of the possibility of the ground opening up and swallowing you.  Like literally, it’s happened to a few residents. It’s also creepy knowing that the concept of Silent Hill was created based off this town. Like traveling through uninhabited country, to arrive at an abandoned town that looks like life just stopped there suddenly and unexpectedly. Crazy. Well here are a few photos from that trip. Leave comments below!! Thanks for stopping through! 🙂
Mound blocking old highway Centralia PA Centralia PA Police Station Centralia PA Police Station Deserted Streets Centralia PA Jeep on deserted street Centralia PA Weird Pipe Centralia PA Climbing the hill, Centralia, PA ATV Riders Centralia, PA Locals on ATVs in Centralia, PA Graffiti on road in Centralia, PA Forrest looking into crack Cracked Highway Centralia, PA

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